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Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Thing's 1st

Thanks for visiting my blogger!  I have set up this site to unveil my new aquarium videos, and discuss anything & everything dealing with the fish keeping hobby.  The links to my older videos are nicely categorized on the right side of this page, so check them out whenever you get the chance.  I'll be adding new videos periodically, as well as answers to my most frequently asked questions.  Stay tuned to this site, and if you like it, make sure to subscribe.  Don't hesitate to leave comments, questions, or video requests in my posts.

Discus & Angelfish Aquascape

One of the most frequent questions I get is how is your discus & angelfish tank coming along?  The short answer is that's it's not finished and I'm not quite ready to unveil it (Sorry!).  However, I was able to dig up some pictures I took last year when I was setting up some of the ground work for the tank. 

 In these pictures, I have a Clear-For-Life custom made acrylic aquarium complete with Hagen GLO series dual T5 HO lights.  The tank currently sits on a stand made by all-glass aquarium, and is connected to a wet/dry filter below the tank (not shown).  The built in overflow and water return are located on the rear, left side of the aquarium.

 The inside of the tank is aquascaped with about 75lbs of an inert japanese rock known as Ohko Stone (aka Dragon Stone), and also filled with an Aqua Soil substrate that maintains a lower water pH (which benefits fish like discus).  The green foam objects you see in the pictures help to prop the rocks higher and give an impression of depth.  The empty area of the tank was later filled with sand, and I'm currently working on adding more and more plants to the aquascape. Video of the layout shown below.

Nano Lagoon Update - More Coral!

Since I had some time, I decided to make an update on my nano lagoon.  There aren't any new fish added yet, but I was able to add an assortment of coral.  Thanks to my friends in the aquarium trade, you can find several patches of zoanthids, pulsating xenia, and ricordea mushrooms throughout the tank.  They've been doing pretty well so far, and hopefully, they'll continue to thrive.


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